BadgeOS Leaderboard Add-on Overview

Installation / Setup Instruction:

The following are the step by step instructions to setup BadgeOS Leaderboard Addon.

  • Install and activate BadgeOS plugin
  • Install and activate BadgeOS Leaderboard addon
  • New Leaderboard sub-menu will be created in the BadgeOS menu


License key can be configured from BadgeOS > Settings > BadgeOS Add-on Licenses. License keys can be found at your email address when you purchased the addon.

Place your license key in the field and click on the Save Settings


Go to BadgeOS > Leaderboards and click on add new button to create new leaderboards. 

Following are the options to setup a leaderboard

Number of Users:

The leaderboard will list the selected number of users.

Achievements to Track:

Select the achievement types to be displayed on the leaderboard.

Ranks to Track:

Select the rank types to be displayed on the leaderboard.

Points to Track:

Select the points types to be displayed on the leaderboard.

Default Rank Metric:

This option will sort the leaderboard according to the selected Achievement types/point type/rank type.

User Roles:

From this option, we can only list the selected and specific user roles on the leaderboard.

Exclude User:

Excluded users will not appear on the leaderboard.

Date Range:

The date can be selected and Users Achievements will be displayed that were earned between the selected dates.


This field creates the shortcode for the leaderboard to be used anywhere on the website, most likely in posts and pages.

Rebuild Leaderboard:

After making changes in the leaderboard settings, update the leaderboard and then click on the rebuild leaderboard to apply the changes in the leaderboard.

Note: Updates won’t work if leaderboard is not rebuilt after making changes


The leaderboard widget is also available in the badgeos leaderboard addon to place the leaderboard in any widget area.

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