BadgeOS Social Sharing FAQs

The BadgeOS Open badge add-on is not working on my site. 

The BadgeOS Open Badge add-on will only work on an HTTPS site, make sure you have HTTPS site else contact our support.

The Badge is not validating.

Make sure the badge is an open badge i.e the Enable Badge Baking option is set to Yes, also make sure that all the open badge pages have been created and selected in the settings.

On which platform user can share their badges? 

Users can share their earned badges to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter directly, they can also share anywhere on the website with the embedded code.

From where the badge can get verified?

 The Open Badge can be verified from any Open Badge Validator website - like IMS Global Open Badges 2.0 Validator or Open Badges 2.0 Validator.

Which image format for badges BadgeOS Open Badge add-on supported?

BadgeOS Open Badge add-on supported .png format only.

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