BadgeOS Social Sharing Overview

Installation / Setup Instruction:

Following are the step by step instructions to setup BadgeOS:

  • Install and activate the BadgeOS plugin.
  • Install and activate the BadgeOS Social Sharing add-on.
  • The new “Social Sharing” menu will be added under BadgeOS.

  •  Click on it.
  •  It will redirect you to the “open badge setting” page.

Display Popup:

If this option is enabled, a social sharing popup will appear at the user end when the user earned new any achievement.

Front-end Display:

The user can also enter the custom message with share.

Enter the custom message. Click at the desired social platform icon to share the earned badge along with the custom message.

Display Options:

Using this option, the admin can select the fields that will be shown in the social sharing popup and in the user earned achievements shortcode.

BadgeOS Shortcode Options:

If this option is enabled, it will display social sharing options in [badgeos_user_earned_achievements] shortcode

Shortcode Options Display:

Download Badge:

A user can download any earned open badge from the user profile. The downloaded image will be the baked image that contains all the open badge data and can be used on any open badge validation website.

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