BadgeOS Badge Builder FAQs

Can I reuse the created badge?

Yes, you can reuse the created badge. You have to navigate to the new achievement edit page > featured image meta-box > Set achievement image. Simply select the desired badge from the media library.

BadgeOS Badge Builder option is not showing at the featured image meta-box.

Please make sure that you have selected the desired achievement type from WP Dashboard > BadgeOS > Badge Builder > General Settings.

We suggest you please select the All option for Achievement Types field.

In which image format, the badges will be created by using BadgeOS Badge Builder?

BadgeOS Badge Builder add-on supported .png format only.

Want to use a specific badge for all the achievement under the specific achievement type.

All you have to do is, create the badge by using BadgeOS Badge Builder add-on from WP Dashboard > BadgeOS > Achievement types > Open the desired achievement type edit page or click Add New > featured image meta-box > Use BadgeOS Badge Builder.

Create the badge, click save and set the featured image. Fill all the fields for achievement type. Publish/update. 

Now all the achievement under that achievement type will have the same badge if you will publish/update that achievement without select any badge.

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