BadgeOS Restrict Content Pro Integration - FAQs

From where we can find the settings for the BadgeOS RCPro?

You have to navigate to the BadgeOS menu from WP Dashboard, the last sub-menu entry of “BadgeOS RC Pro Integration”. From there we can configure it.

For how many BadgeOS RC Pro activities, I can set up achievements by using this add-on?

You can set up the following activities on “BadgeOS RC Pro” achievements.

  1. Subscribe any membership.
  2. Subscribe any free membership.
  3. Subscribe any paid membership.
  4. Cancel any membership.
  5. Expire any membership.
  6. Renew any membership.

Where can I find these BadgeOS RCPro triggers?

You have to navigate to BadgeOS menu from WP Dashboard, Click at the desired achievement type, Click at “Add New” if you want to add a new achievement or edit the desired achievement, go to the “Required Steps” section, Click at “Add New Step”, Select “Restrict Content Pro Activity” for Require field. A new field “Restrict Content Pro trigger” will appears. You can find these triggers in this field’s dropdown.

Can I add multiple steps for a single achievement?

Yes, you can also add multiple “required steps” for a single achievement. You just have to click on “Add New Step” Button again after setting the first “required step”, and select “Restrict Content Pro Activity” from the “Require” field. A new field will appear “Restrict Content Pro trigger”, select the desired option from the drop-down, and save the steps.

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