BadgeOS AffiliateWP Integration - FAQs

For what AffiliateWP activities, I can reward users with badges?

You can reward your users with achievements, points, or ranks for the following AffiliateWP Activities:

  1. Affiliate Sign-Up
  2. Earn a referral 
  3. Referral Paid 
  4. Referral Rejected
  5. Referral Visit
  6. New User Sign-up through an Affiliate


Where can I find these BadgeOS AffiliateWP triggers?

Here are the instructions:

  1. Navigate to BadgeOS menu from WP Dashboard
  2. Click at the desired achievement type
  3. Click at “Add New” if you want to add a new achievement or edit the desired achievement
  4. Go to the “Required Steps” section
  5. Click at “Add New Step
  6. Select “AffiliateWP Activity” for Require field. A new field “AffiliateWP trigger” will appear. You can find these triggers in this field’s dropdown.

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