BadgeOS Social Sharing - Change log


  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Fix: Social icons on the evidence page
  • Fix: Embed rank issue


  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Fix: Made addon compatible with the latest version of BadgeOS and WordPress


  • Fix: Minor UI issues


  • Fixed Minor issue with BuddyPress platform


  • Fixed the embedded badge visibility issue.
  • Fixed the compatibility issues with the latest version of PHP, BadgeOS, and WordPress.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed add to profile issue in LinkedIn share
  • Minor issues


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the conflict issue with the Yoast plugin

New Features:

  • Added settings to manage embedded page content


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue of adding content on meta tags in other pages
  • Fixed Css issues


New Features:

  • Added option to add Badge to LinkedIn Profile in Certificates/License section
  • Added social share on the Ranks
  • The evidence page URL will be shared if the achievement is open badge otherwise default achievement page will be shared
  • Added the social share options on the evidence page
  • Issuer Organization Added to [ LinkedIn add to profile popup ]
  • Issuer Organization changed from static to dynamic [ Now it will show site title ]
  • Expiry date added for an open badge
  • The issue date will be shown for all types of badges

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the missing uid and eid fields of shared evidence page url of the open badge achievement on fb, linkedin and twitter
  • Fixed the issue where site logo is shared instead of the badge featured image
  • If you share on the social platform (LinkedIn) it is redirecting to the badge page instead of the Evidence page


New Feature:

  • Moved OB feature to BadgeOS core plugin


New Features:

  • Added option to allow only embed or social share on front-end
  • Made the popup compatible with BadgeOS Congratulation add-on popup

Bug Fixes:

  • UI Tweaks


New Features:

  • Option to display social sharing popup on badge award
  • Option to display social sharing options with BadgeOS earned Achievement shortcode
  • Option to share badges to social media from front-end

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed email image issue
  • Fixed string translation issues in email
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